Our licensed Massage Therapists are cross-trained in several techniques and will use them during a typical treatment session to customize each massage to your specific needs.

Swedish Massage - Relaxing and energizing, this form of massage is ideal for people that do not like a lot of deep pressure work. Some areas of concern will be worked with slightly deeper pressure to relieve muscle tension and areas of concern.  Longer more elongated strokes with light to moderate pressure are designed to relax and restore the body. 

Deep Tissue Massage - This form of massage is best for giving attention to certain painful "trouble spots" in your body.  Some Swedish techniques are used to warm the tissue for the more focused work to release chronic muscle tension.  Deep Tissue massage has more pressure than Swedish Massage and also can include trigger point and point specific work for those specific areas.

Hot Stone Massage - Heated stones are placed in certain areas of the body and also used along with other massage techniques to massage and relax the body.  This heated stones can promote a deeper state of relaxation due to the heat of the stones.

Reflexology - Uses hand, thumb and finger techniques to stimulate certain areas on the hands and feet that correspond to different areas of the body.  This massage is done only on the hands and feet.

Massage Therapy

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Off Site Massage Therapy Available!  

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​​​Be Swept Away to A World of Relaxation

1/2 Hour Therapeutic Massage  -$55.00
1 Hour Swedish Massage - $80.00
1.5 Hour Swedish Massage - $110.00 
2 Hour Swedish Massage - $145.00
1 Hour Deep Tissue Massage - $90.00
1.5 Hour Deep Tissue Massage - $120.00
2 Hour Deep Tissue Massage - $160.00
1/2 Hour Reflexology - $55.00
1 Hour Hot Stone - $88.00
1.5 Hour Hot Stone Massage - $120.00
1 Hour Prenatal Massage - $80.00
1.5 Hour Prenatal Massage - $110.00

Couples Massage -
1 Hour Swedish - $160.00
1 Hour Deep Tissue - $180.00
1.5 Hour Swedish - $220.00
1.5 Hour Deep Tissue - $240.00